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Panorama / 5 months ago
Hilarity Ensues on the Henshaw Homestead: A Romp Through Marvelous Marshall County!
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Get ready for a wild ride of laughter and Southern charm in the hilarious world of Marshall County and the Henshaw Homestead!
In the grand old world of mine where hospitality is not only offered, but forcefully thrust upon you, resides the splendid, riotous realm of Marshall County, Oklahoma. Home to the fiesta-donning folks of Texoma region, the illustrious Madill, the city that never sleeps (mostly because we’re too busy herding cattle), the most exciting parts of Marshall are the bus stop at Allen Road and the biggest bonfire you’ve ever seen each Friday evening. Population? About 15,312, give or take depending on how much boot-scootin' has been happening the night before. Hope you've caught your breath because the riveting narration hasn't even started. Here exists the magnetic pull of the infamous Henshaw Homestead, named in the honor of the gallant, chivalrous Mrs. Henshaw, the mother of George Henshaw - the revered delegate at the 1906 Oklahoma Constitutional Convention - whose most laudatory achievement is that he named a county after his own mother. Take that, Hallmark! But don't be fooled. Life on the Henshaw property is no ordinary stroll down the grocery aisle at your local Piggly Wiggly. It's an acid-etched adrenaline ride, so tame your expectations before they run wilder than a pack of coyotes on energy drinks. Never has there been a place more adept at testing your mettle than the halcyon plains of Henshaw warmth. A regular day includes wrangling cattle, wrestling your overexcited neighbor's dog, Farmer Phil’s ever-evolving mustache grooming, or acting as an extra in the latest episode of the Marshall County soap opera - "As The Corn Grows". Every week, folks gather around their television sets, popcorn bowls larger than their hats, to watch their friends, family, and that weird realtor guy down the street perform in the most dramatic, hang-on-to-your-seat storylines, like who sent a mysterious letter about hog prices, or why did the local church bake sale pie go missing. But this holiday home isn't just a holler ride in the hay. The hospitality is warm, embrace smoother than the twang in your voice. Whether you're a lost soul curious about the Texoma region or a mistaken turn into Marshall's merriment, you will hear the welcoming chords of "howdy" echo in the distance. After a romp in the wild, the most comical is the sight of the Chicken Dance Competition, an annual event of rhythm-less clucking and flapping that, believe it or not, has got everyone’s feathers ruffled and ego clucked to see whose "bawk" has got the most boogie. Hilarious happenings aside, Marshall County is also an epitome of wind-blown, sun-baked, and character-filled southern charm. A place where the air that doesn’t smell like barbecue isn’t worth breathing. And nobody ever really leaves Marshall County, mostly because they couldn’t remember which turn led them here. But even if they did, they would just turn right back into the uproarious, unpredictable pandemonium that is Marshall County, the bona fide buckle of the joy belt. Yes, the thrill of Marshall County beckons all. So giddy up, dust off your boots, and embark on a country ride of humor, heart, and the Henshaw Homestead. Just keep the laughter rolling and maintain your grip tight on that rodeo of life. Remember, you're not lost, you're just not in Marshall County yet.
posted 5 months ago

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